Family Law

We assist you through a difficult time in a professional, sympathetic and cost-effective manner.

Property settlements

Nearly all family law matters involve a dispute as to the division of the joint assets of a relationship. These assets can range from the family home to self-managed superannuation funds and family businesses.

At Russo & Russo we believe it is important to ensure that the division of assets is managed as professionally, equitably and swiftly as possible, particularly if there are children involved in the separation.

Financial agreements

Binding Financial Agreements can be entered before a marriage or de facto relationship commences; during the relationship or after the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship.

We are experienced in drafting Binding Financial Agreements that can cover any type of asset, contingency or consequence you can imagine, giving you peace of mind.


Matters involving children are the most difficult aspect of family law disputes for all of the parties involved.

Russo & Russo has a strong policy of minimising the exposure of children to conflict to the greatest extent possible and we often work closely with counselors and child health specialists to ensure the least disruptive and best possible outcome.

De facto

Disputes relating to the children and property of de facto couples are considered in exactly the same light as disputes for married couples.

If you are concerned about whether your relationship would be considered as a ‘de facto’ relationship in law, please contact us for further information.

Same sex relationships

Disputes relating to the property of same sex couples are dealt with in exactly the same way as disputes between heterosexual couples. There do remain some significant differences surrounding the rights of same sex couples as parents, especially following recent Commonwealth amendments to the Family Law Act.

If you are concerned about how the law may apply to you, feel free to contact us for specific advice about your individual circumstances.

Spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance is often a very important aspect of family law matters. Spousal maintenance is a sum paid by one party in a relationship to the other in circumstances where the Court views that party as having a responsibility to provide for their former partner.

Whether you are concerned about your eligibility to receive it or your liability to pay it, we can help with timely and non-judgmental advice.

Child support & adult child maintenance

Appropriate child support and adult child maintenance can be agreed upon between separating parents or can be determined by reference to the Child Support Agency’s scale.

Access to or liability for child support can often be one of the most worrying aspects of separation. We have a wealth of knowledge gained over many years working in this area and welcome your inquiries.


Divorce is a different matter to separation, children’s disputes and division of property. It is the formal dissolution of a marriage. Going through a divorce may be one of most difficult experiences you will ever have to face and that uncertainty about the final cost of the process may add to your stress. That’s why we offer a fixed price divorce alternative.

You’ll receive professional, respectful and attentive service, plus our guarantee of no unexpected charges at the end.

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